Message of President
Dr. Peter Qiu
Founder and President of Center for Globalization Hong Kong
Donald Trump, Brexit, populism, rising inequality, protests and riots...challenges like these seem to be increasing in frequency across the globe. In an international context, the increasing geopolitical conflicts between rising and existing superpowers reflect the tense atmosphere of the late 19th century as the catalysts for World War One were being nurtured. Is history repeating itself? Or perhaps these phenomena are caused by completely new factors, such as new 21st century social values and political frameworks. Despite both politicians and social scientists seemingly being unable to pinpoint the exact causes, the causes may actually lie in something far subtler: a new wave of automation. Humanity is currently in the midst of another technology revolution. Similar to the textile and industrial revolutions of the past, automation is rapidly impacting the social structures of countries around the world. Such disruptions in markets further lead to increasing inequity in the distribution...
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CGHK's Perspective
【Peter Qiu's Live】Technology showdown: competition between China and the US vs. what's next for you and me
Author: CHEN Shiyi
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【Peter Qiu's Monthly Talk】Three Days in Real Time: Fourth Quarter Risk Warning
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The Center for Globalization Hong Kong has released its top 10 forecasts for 2022
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The Center for Globalization Hong Kong: Top 10 most likely trends to happen in 2021
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Past Events
【2022 Webinar】On the 50th anniversary of Nixon's visit to China, we invited members of think tanks from both countries debate the game between China and the United States
【2022 Webinar】The first anniversary of the Biden administration and the new German Administration came to power. What is the next step for China-US and China-Germany relations?
【Future Academy】The future has come! Dr. Qiu will help you to find a new path for education
【2022 Webinar】Common Challenge: Same or Different Interests? Europe and China amid and after the Ukrainian War
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Peter Qiu Club
Peter Qiu Club is a brand of Center for Globalization Hong Kong. After three years of preparation, Peter Qiu Club was formally established in August 2019. With the aim of “living transparent lives and embracing our world”, Peter Qiu Club provides activities, like seminars and high-end industry forums, for the rapidly growing middle and upper-middle class. Peter Qiu Club relies on Dr Peter Qiu’s international vision, theoretical height and long-term accumulation in the forefront of international politics and economics, providing support for members’ career advancement and enterprises’ development.
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CGHK is the first think tank in Hong Kong dedicated to the study of globalization.
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